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Useful Resources for Looking at Library 2.0

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into Libraries and their adoption of web 2.0 principles/technologies and also Enterprise 2.0. In my research I have come across some excellent information which I am going to share to those of you who are interested.

These resources all come from the Online Computer Library Centre website in the reports section. I cannot stress how complete, in-depth and useful these resources are. The OCLC team conduct huge environmental scans and collect masses of data on Library usage, social networking, emerging technologies, perceptions of libraries and so on with plenty of statistics and graphs to support their studies.

The website contains the following studies (of which can all be downloaded from the website in PDF format):
(Particularly useful documents to the Library 2.0 assignment for INB students are marked with *’s)

You can visit the reports homepage here.

Hope this helps others completing the Enterprise 2.0 RFP assignment as well as anyone looking for information and data to back up Library 2.0 implementations.


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2 thoughts on “Useful Resources for Looking at Library 2.0

  1. jackprice87 on said:

    Damnit! I wish I read this about 1 week ago. lol.

    I wrote an article about the cultural disincentives to true and voluntary peer to peer collaboration in a university. And for the most part, INB346 blogs have validated my argument. People are tight lipped when it comes to sharing on actual assignment material.

    You challenge my hypothesis though.

  2. I personally wanted to share this particular posting, “Useful Resources for Looking at Library 2.
    0 Ben McCallum’s Blog” together with my pals on twitter. I actuallyonly just sought to distribute your terrific posting! Thanks a lot, Leia

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