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How to have multiple MVC websites under a single Go Daddy hosting account

The other day I decided to expand my repertoire of domain names and make some new websites. Namely, and Halo Game Finder. My plan was to host them on my existing hosting plan with GoDaddy and after reading some documentation  it seemed this would be possible on my single “Deluxe Windows Hosting” plan. But for some reason I couldn’t get my new domains to serve any content, not even a simple index.html file with some test text in it.

I’ll walk you through the steps and then show you where I had issues.

  1. Buy the domain names with GoDaddy. 
  2. Add them to your hosting account.
    Go to your hosting control center and under the Domains tab add your new domains.
    When you add a new domain you simply point the URL to a particular folder within your hosting filesystem. Note: If that folder doesn’t exist already, one will be made for you.

    Since I already had a primary domain name I currently had something like this: —> /
    In other words, my primary domain was pointing to the root of my hosting filesystem.

    Any additional domains are then simply subfolders within the root. After adding my new domains I had: —> / —> /   (a directory sitting under root) —> /                (another directory sitting under root)
    Feel free to name these folder however you like but it’s convention/best practise from my experience to name them according to their domain name.

  3. Upload the content of your new websites into their associated subfolders
  4. Test your websites…
    And this is where I had issues. For some reason none of the new websites would work. Not even if I put a simple test index.html in there and nothing else. Turns out the problem was in the primary website’s web.config under the root. This website was an MVC3 app and it’s web.config seemed to be determining the state of all the other websites sitting in their own folders/virtual directories. Because MVC3 apps at the moment require bin deployment (where the MVC Assemblies/DLLs are deployed into the bin folder of the app) I think the child websites were getting confused trying to find those DLLs. To solve the problem I wrapped the system.web element of the root website’s web.config with a location element. See below:
MVC3 app web.config fix

MVC3 app web.config fix

Hope this helps others facing the same problem.


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One thought on “How to have multiple MVC websites under a single Go Daddy hosting account

  1. Thank you for this post, just saved me probably hours of research.

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