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“Inform. Improve. Employ.”

After being directed to RockTheJob , (by my lecturer for Enterprise 2.0) I decided to discuss it in my blog. RockTheJob is a site about building your personal online portfolio to enhance your “googleability” and enhance your “hirability” when that dream job comes along. More importantly it is about understanding that although all of us wish our “social media” lives were separate from our work lives, this in reality is not the case. The line that once distinguished our personal or private lives from our work lives has been blurred by the ability for anyone to potentially browse your name on the internet. As a result, we must all be careful about what we put online and in the eyesight of future employers.

RockTheJob is a web site designed to help students understand that anything that they upload to a social media site whether it be text, images, videos or such can potentially be viewable by your current or future employer. You may say that this is “crossing the line” or “that silly photo is harmless”. You may also say, “Why do my employers care? I’m not at work.” But the reality is if you are working for a company you are representing their brand. How you behave in a social setting reflects or will reflect on them and can also tell a lot about your person. Check out Episode 2: Keg Stand and Your Career to find out more.

So of course, when using social media you must take care in uploading or posting any material that could be harmful to your reputation.

The site also offers ideas on how to improve your personal profile online to enhance your chances of getting hired. A piece of information I found particularly interesting was “how to make yourself dominate a Google Search”. SOme tips for doing this include:

  • Signing up for as many social media sites as possible
  • Sign up for websites that update their content rapidly (for example, Twitter)
  • Use your full name as the username for that website

More tips can be found at: RockTheJob Episode 9: Own the Front Page of Google

I found this website very much eye opening and I hope you all take the time to give it a browse becuase you never know, it could save your job or be the difference between getting the dream job and not!

Source: Dempsey, R., &  Pettit, N. (2009). Rock the Job. Retrieved August 5, 2009, from


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