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More on blogging + interesting blogs

So I think I’m starting to get used to the idea of blogging. At first it seemed unnatural to me to put what are usually my own thoughts out to the wider online community. But now I’m growing used to the idea as people are starting to give me positive feedback.

I’ve gained significant insight in how to blog effectively at the following resource: by Darren Rowse.

There are huge benefits to be gained from reading and posting blogs and after doing a bit of searching I’ve come across some interesting blogs which I have categorised below:

Personal Interests:
Guitar Player Gear Guide – Great blog about the latest guitar gear on the market. Useful for keeping up on latest tech.
Google Blogscoped – A blog that unofficially covers anything Google. Great external resource for following the latest Google developments.
Google Blog – The official Google blog. The one-stop-blog for everything Google. blog – Transmission’s from the Seventh Column.
– Web Design, tutorials, resources blog. Helpful resource for web designers.

Enterprise 2.0:
Bill Sweetman Internet Marketing Professional – A blog from an Internet Marketing guru. Provides links to internet marketing advice and writes interesting blogs about how businesses can use online tools to further their business.
Sacha Chua’s blogroll of enterprise 2.0 blogs – A link recommended by Sacha sharing all of the blogs on Enterprise 2.0 she reads.

I’ve never really looked at many blogs before but after discovering these I’ve found there is a wealth of information to be gained on blogs.


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